Pinellas County Schools' Security Credentialing Process

Pinellas County Schools created this fingerprint service website to help district employees complete the fingerprinting requirement as quickly and efficiently as possible.


NOTE: If you will be leaving the employment of Pinellas County Schools prior to the end of the current school year you ARE NOT required to be fingerprinted.

NOTE: If you will be on a Leave of Absence during the current school year you ARE required to be fingerprinted.

To Register:

  1. SELECT Employee Type: NEW EMPLOYEE/STUDENT INTERN, EXISTING EMPLOYEE or CHARTER SCHOOL. Existing employees will need to validate their identity with name and last 4 digits of SSN.
  2. SELECT Position/Job Category for which you are being fingerprinted.
  3. LOCATE AND schedule a site/session as directed by your placement representative. Existing employees will select their work location.
    • New Employees and Student Interns will select the Administration Building.
    • Existing Employees will select their work location.
  4. PROVIDE personal data required to submit fingerprints. BE SURE to enter your legal first and last names (no nicknames) in the correct boxes. Your initials will be checked against your name in the next step. Employee must also register official government issued photo identification (i.e. Driver's License, Passport, etc.).
  5. READ and INITIAL the Security Background Check Disclosure.
  6. NEW EMPLOYEES AND STUDENT INTERNS WILL PAY $60.50 ONLINE by credit card in advance or by money order at the time of fingerprinting.
    • Money orders should be made payable to: Pinellas County Schools
    • The Money Order should also include the applicant's First Name, Last Name and the 11 digit Barcode Number from the registration form.
    • Note: If you are not pre-paying on-line, payment by money order is required at the time of fingerprinting, otherwise you will be re-scheduled at a later date.
  7. PRINT BAR CODE RECEIPT upon completion of registration.
    • REMEMBER to bring your Bar Code Receipt and the specific Photo ID you registered with to your scheduled fingerprinting appointment.

    Click here to review PCS Hiring Guidelines prior to completing registration.

    Pinellas County Schools requires that all employees must meet Level 2 Screening requirements as described in Florida Statute 1012.32 (available online Title: XLVIII Chapter: 1012)

    All employees must be electronically fingerprinted specifically for and by Pinellas County Schools or be approved by Pinellas County Schools utilizing the Florida Shared Schools Results database. Pinellas County Schools reserves the right to determine which applicants will be approved and which will be disqualified in accordance with Pinellas County Schools’ hiring guidelines.

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