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This website is designed to allow church personnel a means to process fingerprint-based criminal history background screening checks in accordance with the Diocese of Orlando (DOO) Policy for the Protection of Children and Vulnerable Adults. This Level II screening process will be completed by an electronic fingerprint submission to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement Volunteer, Employee, Criminal History System (FDLE/VECHS) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation Non-Criminal Justice Computer System (FBI/CJIS). Using electronic processing, church personnel and applicants can schedule a fingerprint-taking session with a designated print-taker, submit a set of 10-print fingerprints to the FDLE/FBI, and have the results submitted to their respective parishes, schools, early childhood center, and/or other Diocesan organizations.

Church Personnel shall mean all of the following:

  • Clergy: All priests and deacons who have faculties of the Diocese of Orlando.
  • Religious: All women and men religious who are regularly involved in ministry on behalf of an entity of the Diocese.
  • Employee: Any lay individual who is employed by or engaged in ministry who is given payment for services (any form of compensation, whether monetary or otherwise) rendered in which the obligation to withhold for payroll tax (FICA, Medicare, and withholding) exists, whether part-time or full-time. This definition shall include all such persons whether employed by the Diocese, parish, school, early childhood center, assisted living center, or other Diocesan organization that is controlled by or operated by the Bishop. ?Personnel? as defined herein, has reference only to the applicability of this policy, and is not indicative of any agency or employment relationship between the Diocese and the party whose compliance with this policy is sought.
  • Covered Volunteer: Any unpaid person who is engaged or involved in any Diocesan institution or parish activity and/or who is entrusted with the care, responsibility, or supervision of children or vulnerable adults.
  • Vendor: Any lay person not employed by the Diocese, regularly engaged to perform services on behalf of the Diocese of Orlando or any of its entities.


To Register:

  1. SCHEDULE Service at authorized Service Center
  2. ENROLL personal data required to submit fingerprints. Prospective employee, employee, or covered volunteer must also register using government-issued photo identification (i.e. driver's license, military ID card, etc.)
  3. PAY: Payment is made online during registration unless your organization (parish, school, or other entity) indicates payment on your behalf
  4. OBTAIN RECEIPT generated online. Print the Bar Code Receipt and bring it along with the specific Photo ID you registered with the service center.
  5. All Applicants MUST sign the Waiver Agreement and Statement using the Electronic Signature Pad after completing the fingerprint submission.
Results of the screening and adjudication (evaluation) of criminal history records will be provided to the Diocesan entity (parish, school, early childhood center, or other organization) by the Diocese of Orlando Human Resources Office. No other Diocesan organization except the Human Resources Office screens and or clears applicants.

An applicant whose Level II screening results DO NOT meet the Minimum Standards of Moral Conduct will be notified by the pastor, principal, or administrator of the organization to which he or she belongs or applied to for employment. An applicant who wishes to appeal the validity of information provided by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement or the FBI will be required to provide certified court documents clearly stating an acceptable disposition to the charge(s) in question to the Senior Director of Human Resources.

All questions regarding an applicant?s denial should be addressed to the Senior Director of Human Resources. If the applicant is not satisfied with the decision, at the option of the Senior Director of Human Resources and in dialogue with the applicant?s supervisor, a request can be made for a review by Diocesan legal counsel. The applicant will be notified as to the outcome of that review.

If you are unable to locate your parish, school, early childhood center, or Diocesan organization in the search of the data base, please contact the Fingerprinting Office at

An applicant who has not been notified of successful completion of his or her background screening cannot be given the care, responsibility, or supervision of a child or youth nor be allowed unsupervised access to vulnerable adults.

The Diocese of Orlando begins fingerprinting volunteers ages 15 and up. A parent/guardian must be present when fingerprinting. A government issued photo ID is required to register (passport, driver's license, learner's permit, or an ID issued from the DMV). School IDs are NOT acceptable.

In addition to the Level II applicant background screening, everyone is required to complete safe environment training. Applicants will not receive full clearance until both requirements are fulfilled. The safe environment training can be completed by viewing the video, "Protecting Our Children" and then taking the subsequent on-line test. Please go to, look for Safe Environment on the right hand side of the page.

The Spanish Version of ?Protecting Our Children? may be accessed at the same website addressed described above.

Pass/fail results are sent directly to the HR/Fingerprinting Office.

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